Meet Andy Johnston, Our New Email Marketing Guest Blogger

If there’s one thing for certain, email still makes the online world go around.


Despite the doom and gloom, many have predicted for an email with innovations like RSS and social media, email still rules the day.

It’s a crucial marketing medium for the success of any online business (or any business at all), so I’ve brought in our guest blogger, Andy Johnston, to take you through all the important aspects of email marketing.

I’ll let Andy tell you a little more about it…

Hello to all and thanks for the welcome. I am looking forward to sharing a whole lot about email marketing in the coming weeks. I plan to cover everything from why email is important to all the nuts and bolts stuff you need to know to make email marketing successful for your business.

Here are the topics I’ll be covering for you:

– Why email marketing is important for business
– Choosing an autoresponder service or software
– Understanding the difference between autoresponder and broadcast emails
– Should you use confirmed or double opt-in?
– Your first steps to setting up a mailing list
– The importance of the opt-in / squeeze page
– Surefire ways of growing your list
– Engaging your readers and delivering exactly what they want
– Email conversion tips

If any of that terminology isn’t familiar with you, don’t worry, I’ll explain everything.

We’re going to cover a lot in the next few posts, so make sure you sign up for the blog’s RSS feed or mailing list if you’re not on already. I look forward to helping you turn your email marketing into an important profit source for your business.

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