7 Ways To Build Your E-mail List

Email List Building Tactics


Once you decide to embark on an email campaign, your next task is to build your email list, but where do you get it from?  Many people are tempted by the “quick fix” of buying email marketing lists.  Don’t make the same mistake!


In all probability, you’ve seen the ads that offer you millions of email addresses for a relatively low cost. It looks good but, if you fall for one of these ads, you’ll end up being labelled as a ‘spammer’ almost as quickly as you send the email.  It’s more than likely that the vast majority of the messages you send will end up in ‘spam’ boxes, never get opened and you’ll reap zero benefit from your efforts.  Statistics tell us that, on average, 70% of the addresses you purchase are, in fact, bogus or have been duplicated and the remaining 30% have not agreed to receive emails.

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The Limitations Of Internet Marketing And How To Deal With Them

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing

For some time now, internet marketing has been viewed as the future of advertising, but there are some internet marketing limitations that everyone has to deal with.


Whilst online advertising is a great way to reach a large number of people at very low cost, being aware of it’s limitations can help you target your online marketing campaigns better and get you more business.

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Article Writing For Internet Marketing

Article Marketing


Article marketing is a sub-section of internet marketing that can greatly increase the number of visitors to your website, but unfortunately, getting started with it can be a bit overwhelming.


Article marketing really isn’t all that difficult, so if you’re serious about utilizing this form of internet marketing, the following steps should point you in the right direction:


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