Article Marketing Plays A Major Role In Internet Marketing

article marketing


Internet marketing is a very broad term that encompasses many smaller concepts and facets of on-line promotion, and article marketing is one of those smaller concepts.



The reason why article marketing plays a major role in internet marketing is because no internet marketing campaign is complete without some form of article marketing – using articles to market yourself, your website or your affiliate products is absolutely vital in creating a complete internet marketing solution.


There are numerous different types of internet marketing that you can take advantage of to get your name out there. Unfortunately, most forms of internet marketing (banner advertising, CPC, etc.,) have costs of some sort associated with them – unless you’re advertising through article marketing.


This unique form of marketing was popular long before e-commerce was as common as it is today. Ever since mass print methods have been available, businesses have been marketing themselves through article creation, by offering something of value to the print medium, such as widely read newspapers, in exchange for a byline or a small advertisement. When it comes to e-commerce and internet marketing, article marketing is still an excellent means for getting your information out there and creating powerful links back to your website or affiliate products.


With article marketing, there are numerous benefits and features to consider:


– This form of marketing creates powerful links from popular websites back to your website or affiliate products. The more links you have coming to your website from other sources, the more attractive your website will appear to search engine page listings like Google.


– By providing value in the articles that you create, you’ll be establishing yourself as a trusted authority on the keywords, niches or subjects that you’re writing about. When readers know they can count on you for real, honest information, they will keep coming back for more.


– By adding a byline or resource box to your content you’ll be giving potential customers a way to contact you after reading your valuable content. Not only will this create powerful links, but it will also help connect additional traffic to your website that you would not normally be able to get.


– By creating articles that are optimized for search engines, you’ll be improving your overall traffic and even your overall page rank by submitting to content sites with high page ranks and authority.


For these reasons, it is absolutely vital that article marketing be a facet of any internet marketing plan that you put together. Whilst there are many varied and different ways to market your internet site, one of the most powerful and cost effective is to provide valuable, easy to read article content with a call to action for readers who appreciate your work to visit your website for more information, products, or your newsletter.

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