Eight Email Conversion Tips or How to Sell More Stuff

We’re now to the point in our

Convert More

discussions where we’re ready to talk about improving your conversion rate; that is, how to get as many of your prospects to become paying customers.

Here are eight email conversion tips for keeping your conversion rate high.

1. Maintain Multiple Lists

Depending on what mailing list or autoresponder service you use, you may be able to maintain multiple mailing lists. Having different lists allows you to send only those e-mails that are likely to be of greatest interest to each individual on a list. You can build these different lists either by asking individuals to sign up for multiple lists directly or by segmenting your existing list depending on what each individual has done on your website in the past.

2. Keep Your Emails Brief

The solicitation emails you send to your list should be no longer than absolutely necessary. If your solicitation requires more background or explanation, then provide a summary of the key details in the email and provide a link back to your website with the complete story. Alternatively, you may consider breaking up the solicitation into a series of shorter emails.

3. Be Creative

Use the marketing principles that you know will be effective, but don’t be afraid to try new things. If you simply recycle the same old e-mail texts, and the same formatting or “look and feel,” then your prospects might conclude you’re not really offering anything new. Be creative and try new approaches.

4. Find the Best Time to Send

Best Time To Send Email

Some studies have shown that it’s best to send out your e-mails on Tuesdays and Thursdays, right around midday.

Of course, there is a risk that if every other marketer sends their emails at that same time of day, your email may get overlooked.

Plus, your mailing list isn’t the same as everyone else’s, so you won’t know until you test out the best time.

Start with those Tuesday and Thursday sending times, but try other times as well. Test the effectiveness of the different times, and study your conversion statistics.

5. Use Analytics

Speaking of statistics, you need to have the data before you can analyze them. Make sure you’re using some type of analytics software or service so that you can monitor every aspect of your e-mail marketing campaigns, and use that information to make your future campaigns even more successful.

We mentioned Google Analytics earlier and it’s one of the best things you can use…plus, it’s free.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

6. Focus on Quality

Many marketers have found that they’ll achieve a greater total number of conversions if they send out fewer offers or solicitations, but work to make sure those solicitations are of the highest possible quality. But you’ll never know what works best until you test it out, so above all, focus on delivering the best content and offers to your list.

7. Be Mistake-Free


With respect to quality, it’s absolutely essential that you double and triple check that there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your e-mail solicitations. Even among readers who claim not to care much about such things, you’re hurting your hard-earned status as an expert in your niche.

8. Be Yourself

Finally, as you consider the tips on this list, make sure that your personality (or your business’s image) comes through. Marketers are successful by creating a strong identity for themselves and using that to build long-term relationships with their prospects and customers. Let your personality come through in all of your marketing activities.

Over time, you’ll come to discover what works best for your mailing list and learn how to use it to both help your subscribers and grow your business. We’re nearing the end of the email marketing series, but I have just a few more parting thoughts and encouragement for you. I’ll be back soon with that.