How to Write to Connect with Your Prospects

write to connect

There’s a big difference between stale writing and being able to write to connect with your prospects.

If you build real connection, you’ll see the difference in your bank account.


How do you write in a way that actually draws people in and builds connections? Here’s how…



Share Yourself

Be yourself!

Chances are, you’re not the only person teaching what you’re teaching! But people will listen to what you’re saying, not only because of your content, but because they enjoy hearing you share your experience in your own unique way.

If you’ve had a specific experience that relates to what you’re talking about, share it. Believe it or not, this can actually have a big impact on people feeling like they can trust you. Because they feel like they know you more.


“What’s In It For Me?”

The “WIIFM” question is a question that you should answer as quickly as you possibly can. Internet content that rambles on and on without being crystal clear about what they’re getting is not how to write to connect with your prospects –  doesn’t get read, period.

Not only should your WIIFM be totally clear, but you should explain it as early in your content as possible. That way, people will know why they should keep reading before they even start reading.


Be Conversational

Write like you talk. Don’t use corporate fluff speak, or how you were taught to write at school. You’re having a person to person conversation, just over the internet.

Use slang. Start your sentences with “and” or “because” if it sounds natural to you – And most importantly, put your passion and spirit behind your words.


Let It Sit

Before you publish your content, let it sit for a day or two. Then, come back and review it one more time before you publish it.

Often, the second time around you’ll pick up on things you missed originally. These could be grammatical mistakes, or it could just be more information you can put in that’ll make your content even better.



One crucial element to being able to write to connect with your prospects is credibility. There are so many people on the internet giving different advice it’s hard to know who to listen to.

Have you helped over 1,000 people solve this specific problem? Make sure they know that.

Have you been featured on Fox and CNN? Make sure that’s plastered all over your website.

Have you done exactly what you’re teaching, in spades? Make sure they know that.

In short, the question of “why should I listen to you” and “why should I trust you” should be answered before you ask your readers to take your word on anything!

Here’s the bottom line: If you write to connect with your prospects in a meaningful way, you’ll build more traffic, more loyalty, more referrals and more sales. Write to connect with your prospects.


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