The Importance of the Opt In or Squeeze Page and What it Should Include

If you’re new to email marketing then you’ll probably need to learn some new terms and concepts. One important concept is that of the “squeeze page,” also known as an “opt-in page”.


A squeeze page is a page on your website that exists for the specific purpose of getting a reader to give you their email address so that you can send certain information or information products to them. This opt-in process can be for a new subscription to something that you offer on your site, for the purpose of receiving a particular item from you (such as an ebook), or to join your mailing list to receive future offers, or some combination of these.

Why do Squeeze Pages Matter?

Squeeze pages are important because building Why?your mailing list is an essential part of doing business online. In fact, building your list of email contacts could be the single most important element of your online marketing success. And one of the best methods for getting new prospects to give you their email addresses is through the use of well-designed and well-implemented squeeze pages.

What Should Your Squeeze Pages Include?

Email spam continues to be a significant problem, so be clear on what you’re offering, and what you’re going to do with the prospect’s email address once they give it to you. You don’t need to include your entire privacy policy, but you should at least include a summary of the most important points. How are you going to use their email address? Do you plan to send special offers or anything else beyond what they’re specifically signing up to receive?

Also be clear on what the next step is. Are you going to send them a confirmation email that they need to open and click on before they’re subscribed? If you’re going to send them an ebook, or start an autoresponder series, when can they expect to hear from you – right away or within a couple days? Setting your prospect’s expectations is key to your success.

What Should Your Squeeze Pages Not Include?

Each squeeze page has one and only one purpose – to get someone to agree to give you their email address. This means that the page shouldn’t contain anything that doesn’t further that goal, or require the reader to click to another page to learn more. Your squeeze page therefore shouldn’t have any links to other pages of your site – just a “Submit” or “Sign Up” button if they decide to accept your offer, and a “Close Window” or “X” button if they decide not to. These should be the only methods of navigating away from the Squeeze Page.


Furthermore, you should only request the minimum of information – chances are this is just going to be the prospect’s email address. and first name. If you don’t need to know their last name, how they found your site, or any other extra information, then don’t ask for it on your squeeze page. The more information someone has to provide, the more likely it is that they’ll click away without giving you anything at all.

In the next post we’ll discuss some sure-fire ways for you to build up that mailing list, but all of that is much easier once you’ve set up your squeeze or opt-in page.

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