7 Ways To Build Your E-mail List

Email List Building Tactics


Once you decide to embark on an email campaign, your next task is to build your email list, but where do you get it from?  Many people are tempted by the “quick fix” of buying email marketing lists.  Don’t make the same mistake!


In all probability, you’ve seen the ads that offer you millions of email addresses for a relatively low cost. It looks good but, if you fall for one of these ads, you’ll end up being labelled as a ‘spammer’ almost as quickly as you send the email.  It’s more than likely that the vast majority of the messages you send will end up in ‘spam’ boxes, never get opened and you’ll reap zero benefit from your efforts.  Statistics tell us that, on average, 70% of the addresses you purchase are, in fact, bogus or have been duplicated and the remaining 30% have not agreed to receive emails.

On the other hand, you can ‘rent’ lists from varying submission services, but this can end up costing anywhere from 20 to 30 cents per email.


So, what’s the answer? Use these next 7 suggestions to get your ideas flowing and build your own targeted list.  Remember, your primary goal should be to send emails to people who actually want to hear from you.


The big question, “where do you find these people?”  Your best bet is to start with diverse marketing methods and pay attention to your web traffic. Below you will find a list, contributed by an existing email marketing company, of things that will ensure your email marketing list is successful.


1.         Your Web Page– request visitors sign up to your guest book, your online e-zine, your newsletter, your offer for a free report or book and any contest that you have to offer. Be sure to put this opportunity on every page of your web site.


2.         Try Direct-Mail Marketing — mail out flyers or postcards to all potential customers. When you design your postcards, make sure you ask people to visit your site and sign up to get valuable information and relevant messages.


3.         Consider Telemarketers — consider using a telemarketing service or telemarketing agent to make contact with your potential clients.  Ensure that your telemarketers ask for e-mail addresses (it’s a good idea to offer incentives for having clients give out their e-mail address [contest, free trials, etc.]).


4.         Consider Using a Broker — ask websites with heavy traffic that offer brokerage services to link to your website.  Most brokers will provide this service for an average of $.10 to $.15 per e-mail message.


5.         Try Door-to-Door Leafleting – this is a great opportunity for students who are off during the summer. Similar to item 2, but less costly as long as you can trust the students to actually put the leaflets through letterboxes.


6.         Consider Hosting an Online Contest — open contests are an extremely effective way to obtain e-mail addresses.  On your contest entry forms, request e-mail addresses as the method of approval for contest entry and notification of winners.


7.         Get Physical — if you operate a physical store, be sure to ask your customers for their e-mail address at the checkout. You may also want to consider sending out surveys via the mail and running additional, in-store contests to gain access to consumer contact information.


As you can see there is more than one way to ‘skin a cat’ when you’re looking for ways to build your email lists. Just use a little creative thinking and offer something of value so that .

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