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“Article Marketing can be the one key you need to finally become successful in Internet Marketing.”




How often have you heard this? Whilst it’s true, thousands upon thousands of other hungry people looking to make an income from the internet have heard the same thing. Therefore, you‘ll have to master the art of article writing to beat your competition.


Here are just a couple of suggestions that may well provide the key you need to kick-start your article marketing.


One of the best keys to successful article marketing is to tell a true short story like this…


Let me tell a quick story about how I started using articles to break into the Internet Marketing world. As I was getting ready to retire, I knew there was no way my family would have any kind of financial security with only the income of social security and a small pension from the federal government. So like so many others it was an easy decision for me to try my hand at Internet Marketing.


And like thousands of others I failed miserably. Then one day a good friend of mine, kicked my butt and told me to concentrate on what my strengths were. Strangely enough as the two of us brainstormed my unknown strengths and known strengths, we kept coming back to the art of writing. To make a long story short it turned out I was pretty darn good about turning out short articles.


Your readers and customers love stories, especially when they are true. You’re going to have to trust me on this; most folks know when you are stretching the truth – if you think about it, you’ll have come across instances yourself when you just know that what the guy is writing isn’t true, somehow you can feel it.


So, if you’re writing an article on a particular product, make sure your story is believable.


If you don’t, get ready to not make very few, if any, sales. Furthermore, the chances are that when the customers you have made a few sales to find out that the product doesn’t do what you said it would, they’re going to ask for a refund.


However, the real damage caused by this is your loss of creditability. In other words these people will never buy from you again and, worse still, they’ll tell their friends and family about their poor experience as well.


Now let’s look at another truth about article marketing successfully on the Internet.


One of the most successful article directories on the World Wide Web today is Christopher Knight, the owner (and prolific article writer himself) suggests that when you write articles you should keep the articles short and to the point. His suggestion is to keep your articles between a minimum of 250 words to a maximum of 1000 words. His reasoning is that today’s readers want their information as fast and quick as they can get it. Frankly, he is absolutely correct. So try to be succinct and to the point when you’re writing your articles.


These are just a couple of the keys you need to be effective at article marketing on the Internet. You should take your time perfecting them and then explore other tips and suggestions about Article Marketing.

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